Steve AndersonFounder, Baseline Ventures

    Steve founded Baseline Ventures, an early stage seed investment firm in 2006, bringing his diverse experience from eBay, Microsoft, Kleiner Perkins, Starbucks and Digital Equipment Corporation. Founded to address the gap between individual investors and institutional venture capitalists in order to help entrepreneurs build and grow their ideas into companies, Baseline has invested in more than 40 companies since its inception and helped more than a dozen entrepreneurs achieve success. Baseline is proud to be a seed investor and is associated with promising software and web companies including Twitter, Instagram, Formspring, Heroku (acquired by, Aardvark and DocVerse (both acquired by Google), CoTweet (acquired by ExactTarget), GeoAPI (acquired by Twitter), Rupture (acquired by EA), Sendori (acquired by, Parakey (acquired by Facebook), and Yardbarker (acquired by FoxSports).