Risto LähdesmäkiFounder & CEO, Idean

    Risto Lähdesmäki is a Founder and CEO of Idean Inc., one of the leading UX design companies in the world. His passion is to create world-changing user experiences and make design driven business impact for his clients. Since 1999 Risto has been working with a huge number of UX projects around the world for major leading consumer and b-to-b brands - from mobile to ubiquitous screens. He has a special talent for identifying business opportunities for his client companies - and he is somewhat water-resistant for a phrase: "this is not possible to do". Luckily he is surrounded by a group of other similar mindsets at Idean. Currently Risto is growing Idean business in the US and as a Chairman of the company he oversees global business development. Risto is an designer and entrepreneur by heart and has worked with Start-ups all his professional career.