Ranjith KumaranFounder and (former) CEO, Hightail and PunchTab

    Ranjith is a founder and CEO who has started two venture-backed SaaS companies focused on building great product experiences with long-lasting appeal.

    He co-founded Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt), a simple way to send large files for enterprises and prosumers. The service grew into a service used by over 45 million people and 150,000 companies worldwide. In 2014 Ranjith rejoined the company as CEO to launch Hightail Spaces, a collaboration suite for marketers and creative professionals. Hightail was acquired by OpenText in 2018 and forms the core of the company's SaaS file-sharing and collaboration offerings.

    Ranjith also founded and was CEO of PunchTab, an omni-channel consumer engagement platform for retailers and CPG brands. PunchTab powered online and in-store loyalty programs and engagement campaigns for brands including Nestle, Panera Bread, and The Yankee Candle Company. PunchTab was acquired by Walmart Labs in 2015.

    Ranjith holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from McGill University. He is also a frequent adviser and board member of other scrappy Silicon Valley-based technology companies going after exciting markets.