Phil ResslerCEO, Sixgill LLC

    Phil Ressler is a growth-oriented executive leader for technology & media, with over 30 years working with entrepreneurial founders to build and scale their companies. Phil’s experience has been accumulated across a broad array of sectors, including consumer electronics, advertising, enterprise software, internet, venture capital, manufacturing and digital media. As a CEO, strategic, or operating advisor, Phil draws on his prior career as a visionary marketing professional able to spike dramatic, sustainable growth applying creative market-making, product and corporate strategies, with disciplined and imaginative execution in private and public companies. Having started his career before tablets, social networks and smartphones; before the internet was a public utility and before cell phones or PCs; before FAX machines were common and when offices still had typewriters, Phil has participated in the full arc of digital technology innovation markets that led to today’s always-connected, always-collaborative, always-on world. His operating career in marketing, venture capital and executive management has resulted in cumulative new products demand totaling nearly $1B in addition to growth of established product sales in raw startups, scaling entrepreneurial companies, as well as substantial private and public firms, ranging from pre-revenue to $1B annual sales.