Mike TownsendFounder & CEO, Otter Labs

    Mike is the founder of 4 startups (sold 3), has raised $24M VC, and has coached and invested in dozens of early-stage startups.

    Currently, Mike leads the team at Otter Labs, a platform to help startups hire full-time developers from South America. 

    In 2015, Mike was named to Forbes “30 Under 30” list. He has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, USA Today, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, and L.A. Biz. Mike is a contributing writer at TechCrunch and actively speaks at healthcare and technology events worldwide.

    He also hosts the Around The Coin podcast (www.aroundthecoin.com) with 350+ episodes in crypto, payments, and marketplaces.

    Mike spent 10 years competing in Ironman triathlons.  Now he trains daily in No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is lucky to have an amazing wife and a young son. 

    Twitter: twitter.com/mikettownsend