Michael CasellaManaging Director, Partnership Capital Ventures

Michael Casella is the founder and managing director of Partnership Capital Ventures, focused on early-stage startups investments and actively guiding and mentoring founders. Michael was a member of the early founding team and SVP of Operations at Green Dot Corporation, a Sequoia-backed company.  At Green Dot, Michael had the unique advantage of actively contributing to the company’s growth from private company to public company (Startup -> Seed -> Series priced rounds -> pre-IPO -> IPO -> Post-IPO) where it achieved a $4B+ valuation (NYSE: GDOT).  Each of these phases required a unique set of experience and skill sets, including diversifying revenue by pivoting into new channels, introducing new product offerings, and via multiple acquisitions, all while consistently re-engineering processes, improving the customer experience  and expanding gross margin which makes his viewpoints uniquely helpful to founders.

Michael is a solutions-focused founder and senior executive with more than 22 years of success across the management consulting, retail, e-commerce, financial services, and technology industries. (B2C, B2B and B2B2C)   He also serves on the Board of Directors for PetMio, Qoins Technologies and Waverly Labs.

Michael earned a B.A. in International Business from U.C. Berkeley.  He also holds a Certification in High-Performance Coaching from the High-Performance Institute.   Michael has a passion for contributing to and helping others by sharing his time, knowledge and resources, both professionally and privately.