Mark WilliamsonCOO, Masterclass

    Mark, the third of four children, grew up watching 3-2-1 Contact and Transformers. He thinks these childhood passions put him on a path toward working in the world of technology. Mark, now a father of two daughters, has been known to encourage his girls to watch "Sid The Science Kid" since 3-2-1 Contact is no longer on the air. Prior to founding Zoodles, Mark was a co-founder of Shelfari, a social network built around reading (acquired by Amazon) and Director of Product Marketing at Dash Navigation, a connected GPS service (acquired by Research in Motion). In 2004, Mark and his wife Tara, also launched MyTinyHands, a business centered around keeping babies healthy. He was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Lean Labs and is now the Chief Operating Officer of Masterclass. Mark has an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Business Administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management.