Kwin KramerCo-founder, Daily

    Kwindla Hultman Kramer is currently a co-founder of Daily and a member of the Board of Directors at ZeeMee. He was most recently a member of the Board of Directors at SnowShoe. Previously, he was the CEO of Oblong Industries and developer of the g-speak Spatial Operating Environment. Kwin's background is in programming, hardware design and the development of large-scale systems architectures. Before starting Oblong he served as the founding CTO of, one of the web's largest content aggregators and a two-time webby award nominee. Kwin also has experience working with and for non-profits: partners and clients have included the governments of Nigeria, Angola, Namibia and South Africa, the Democratic National Committee, Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, the United Nations ICT Task Force, and Media Matters for America. He holds degrees from the MIT Media Laboratory and Harvard College.