Jie SongCo-Founder & CTO, LogicMonitor

    I’m an entrepreneur cofounding LogicMonitor and growing it from a two-founder company to one with 200+ employees, $140M+ funding, and 1,000+ enterprise customers such as Adidas, PayPal, Netflix, and Blackstone.

    A leading expert in IT infrastructure and performance monitoring. Beginning my experience 15 years ago to tweak open-source monitoring tools for internal use, I cofounded LogicMonitor in 2007 to create a leading SaaS-based data center monitoring service for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. I built the deep knowledge for all aspects of IT monitoring from Performance to Network traffic, from Metrics to Log, from Physical to Cloud during my tenure as the CTO.

    My technical strength is on building highly-scalable, low-latency, and resilient distributed system. The time-series database system I built is processing 500-billion metrics and answering millions of queries to historical data in milli-seconds per day, for example.