James RevellVice President, Wildfire Systems, Inc.

    James digs digital media, content distribution strategy, business development and operations. In recent years, he jumped back into the performance marketing arena. James is Vice President at Wildfire Systems, creator of Wildlink, the first of its kind monetization platform for social messaging. He focuses on multiple aspects of the business including bridging gaps between its technology, retailers and networks, while introducing merchants and platform distribution partners with how Wildlink is a new breed of publisher driving incremental revenue.

    Previous executive roles include Ticketmaster (NYSE: LYV), World Poker Tour (LSE: BPTY.L), and Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) original first 10 team. Revell’s had the privilege to be an early part of other ground-breaking businesses including Infoseek Corp, now The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), L90, now MaxWorldwide (NASDAQ: IAC), and 411 Web Interactive (a past Newsweek top 100 site).

    He sits on Counsel’s for the Performance Marketing Association plus San Diego Workforce Partnership and is Board Advisor at SeatSafe. He holds a BA in Political Science, an MPA in HR Management, and an MBA in Marketing.