Eli PortnoyCEO, Sense360

    Eli Portnoy is the co-founder and CEO of Sense360. Eli and his colleagues are making mobile apps smarter by helping them leverage the sensors on smartphones to detect location, activity, and context in the background. They make it as easy as a few lines of code, and ensure high accuracy, low battery drain, and privacy safeguards.

    Previously, Eli was the co-founder and CEO of Thinknear, a location-based mobile ad network, and sold it within 19 months of inception to Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV) in what remains the largest ever acquisition of a TechStars company.

    After the acquisition he became President of the Thinknear business unit within Telenav, and have helped grow the business many times over, built the team to 70+ people, and helped Thinknear take a leadership position in the industry.

    Eli loves to write and has been a recurring contributor for both Forbes.com and AdExchanger.com. I have also been a guest contributor on TechCrunch, StreetFight, Digiday, MediaPost, and many other publications.

    Previously he was a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon working on the Digital Video team. His focus was on defining the experience across our connected devices (TVs and set-top boxes) and working with the Prime team on what became Prime Instant Video. Eli graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a BA in International Relations, Political Science.