Dave FellerFormer Founder & CEO, Yummly

    Dave has always had a passion for food. Throughout the years he’s been looking to get more involved with food – even considering opening a restaurant at one point. In addition to always wanting a great meal (cooking, at a friend’s house, restaurant, or a dive), Dave has spent a fair amount of time in the internet world. Dave was an early member of Half.com in Philly, running Marketing & Strategy. He moved to California to continue working for eBay, who had acquired Half.com, and became GM of a $500M portion of the US business. Dave left eBay in 2006 to be VP Marketing & Business Operations for StumbleUpon. Through an acquisition, Dave ended back up at eBay…again. He finally left in late 2008 to pursue his passion, a site now called Yummly. Dave served was a Founder and CEO of Yummly until 2017. He now advises and invests in multiple companies, including Philz Coffee, Geomagical Labs, Cuebiq, and more.