Brian BaumgartCo-founder and CEO, Conversion Logic

    Brian Baumgart is currently the CEO and co-founding investor of Conversion Logic. He started the company in early 2014 to pioneer the second generation of holistic, advanced attribution for TV and digital media.

    Previously, Brian was co-founder and CEO of Gradient X - a leading DSP for programmatic mobile advertising - sold company to Singtel (Singapore Telecom) in 2013.

    For the seven years prior to founding Gradient X, Brian was an angel investor and served on the executive team at Adconion. During this time the company grew rapidly, raising over $100m and expanding to over 26 offices in 18 countries with over 700 employees and building one of the largest multi-channel digital advertising platforms. He most recently served as chief strategy officer of Adconion Direct - company was acquired by SingTel (Singapore Telecom) in 2014 for over $235 million.

    Coming out of the dot com bust, Brian joined Fastclick as vice president of business development and member of the executive team, where they secured $70 million in funding and completed a successful NASDAQ IPO - sold company to Value Click (now Conversant) for over $240 million.

    Before Fastclick Brian launched AdMonitor for Publishers, the third party ad-serving division of L90, where they quickly captured market share, leading to its acquisition by DoubleClick.

    Brian graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Finance.