Alex SherstinskySenior Machine Learning and Data Products Engineer, Superconductive Health

    Alex Sherstinsky is currently a Senior Machine Learning and Data Products Engineer at Superconductive Health. He most recently served as the VP of Product Development at Qualaroo. At Qualaroo, Alex Sherstinsky led product development, R&D, and web operations. Qualaroo is a DIY ("do it yourself") tool that enables marketers to target incoming site visitors with engagements, such as conversion feedback questions, lead generation forms, and promotions. Alex Sherstinsky – with Eugene Mandel – co-founded MustExist, Inc. Responsibilities included the leading of all aspects of starting and running a software company: incorporation, product strategy, development, sales, partnerships, intellectual property, etc. The company's core technology, Social Content Curation, was embodied in a product called Buzzworthy, which was used by more than 7,000 websites on for content marketing. Before MustExist, Alex was a member of the founding team at NebuAd, Inc. Funded by Menlo Ventures and Sierra Ventures, NebuAd built an online advertising network in partnership with Internet Service Providers. As the V.P. of Product Development, Alex headed Product Management, Product Development, and Network Operations. Prior to NebuAd, Alex was Senior Director of Products at FaceTime Communications, Inc. (now Actiance, Inc.), a leader in security, management, and compliance for Internet communications. At FaceTime, he led the development, delivery, and marketing of FaceTime's technology platform, product lines, and partnerships since the company's founding in 1997. Before FaceTime, Alex worked at several other start-ups, consulted for AT&T, and held internships at LSI Logic and Hewlett-Packard. Alex Sherstinsky holds PhD/ScD and MS degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. His doctorate and post-doctorate research work was conducted at the M.I.T. Media Laboratory. Alex Sherstinsky is the holder of four U.S. patents.