Matt is a passionate builder of innovative companies, creator of new experiences, and aggregator of talented people and teams.
    Matt is the co-founder of record-of-the-month club Vinyl Me, Please (VMP). Since launching VMP in 2013, through the end of 2020, Matt served as the CEO of VMP, successfully taking it from a passion project to a business generating more than $15mm in revenue in 2020, with more than 30k active subscribers in more than 40 countries around the world. Today, VMP is one of the most admired and respected brands within music, and a shining example of a successful membership-based business.
    During his tenure as CEO, VMP was named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in the Music category, and was twice listed to the Inc. 5000 list (peaking at #342), while Matt himself was awarded Runner up Entrepreneur of the Year award by CO Biz magazine. While he remains Chairman of VMP, Matt’s endless curiosity and drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible has inspired him to share his experience with other companies. Matt recently founded a consultancy, UNBRKBLE, to help companies build enduring relationships with their customers, and also serves as a mentor / advisor to several early and growth stage companies.
    Matt is a graduate of Belmont University, where he received his BBA, Cum Laude, in Music Business and Entrepreneurship. He currently lives in Arvada, CO w/ his wife, Ester, and three kids (Kinzie, Audrey and Rhett). He enjoys running, watching (and talking about) professional sports, and reading endlessly.