Unique Business News, a satellite cable news show based out of Taiwan, stopped by Mucker's offices recently as part of a segment on Silicon Beach. The piece offers up a fresh, "across the other pond" perspective of the tech scene in Los Angeles and greater SoCal, which continues to gain wider recognition from around the globe.

Watch the full segment here, which starts around the 0:33-second mark, and features Mucker at the 1:34 mark:

In case you still need to brush up on your Mandarin skills, or simply can't listen to the audio at the moment, below are a few notable quotes translated into English for your convenience.

Segment Intro

Reporter: Silicon Valley is the center of tech innovation in the United States. However, as the cost of living in the Valley increases, many young entrepreneurs are beginning to shift their businesses to Los Angeles. Because of resources from Hollywood and top universities, LA is becoming more favorable to entrepreneurs. Gradually, LA has become a big ecosystem for tech startups. In this ecosystem, Mucker Capital was ranked as the second best accelerator in the U.S..


The Mucker Interview

Reporter: Coming from Taiwan, William Hsu is the Co-founder and Partner of Mucker Capital. In the past five years, he has invested in 42 startups.

William Hsu: My partner and I were both entrepreneurs before. In LA, there are many entrepreneurs, but there aren't many people to help them build companies by raising capital, building products... We have the experience to help them.


Ellen Huerta, CEO and Founder of Mend, a MuckerLab participant

Ellen: Los Angeles to me feels like a city of possibility. People come here to chase dreams, and that's what I really love about LA.

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