As a startup founder, business jargon and vocabulary tends to grow and expand with experience beyond the mainstays of "product-market fit" and "go-to-market". It isn't until a founder finds themselves deep within their cash flow statements that "churn" can take on new significance.


Our managing partner Omar Hamoui is no stranger to the intricate vocabulary of high-growth startups. A 5x serial entrepreneur -- his 5th company AdMob backed by Sequoia and later acquired by Google -- Omar found himself uncovering a new set of mantras informing his work, first as an entrepreneur and later as a venture capitalist.

Over the many years spent working with companies, he cataloged these lessons learned, with an ever-growing list as new insights emerged.

Today, Omar shares these lessons as short, 3-5 minute videos in a new series of tips we are calling Shorthand For High-Growth Startups. It is our hope that founders will find these tips useful while setting out to build and scale new companies. This video series is currently available as a YouTube playlist beginning with an intro video, then auto-playing the following lessons learned.


  1. Gross-Margin = The Value You Create In The World

  2. You're Building A Machine (Financials Are Your Instrument Panel)

  3. The Goal Is Not The Next Round, It's The Last Round

  4. "It Just Works" Can Be All The Differentiation You Need

  5. Is This Business Working? Don't Push A Boulder Uphill For Too Long

  6. With Product Strategy, Be One Step Ahead

  7. Set Big, Dumb Goals

  8. Entrepreneurship Is Improv With The World

  9. Slack In The System

  10. With Binary Outcomes, Don't Sweat Small Stuff

  11. Tough Decisions: Inside & Outside The Building Issues

  12. Once You Start Selling, You're Selling

  13. Waiting Can Be The Right Answer

  14. Build Cross-Functional "First" Teams

  15. Enterprise Value: Get Scale or Get Dangerous

  16. Destiny Control & Raising Money From Mucker

  17. Fundraising: Why The Smallest Cues Matter

  18. Culture Is A Social Contract

  19. Avoid The Murky Middle

  20. Become A Trusted Fiduciary


We will release a new video to subscribers every Tuesday. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and opt-in to receive our newsletter here. If you have any special requests for topics to cover in future videos, send Omar an email: omar [at] mucker [dot] com



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