1994 – “Consumers are fickle and unpredictable. Consumer products and services are hit driven, it’s really hard to build a scalable consumer company”


1996 – “It’s impossible to get to build a billion dollar company selling widgets at $15 and taking $1 commission one at a time”


1998 – “There is no room for personal productivity software startups – Microsoft will eat your lunch when you get big enough and Symantec will take the crumbs”

(Evernote, Dropbox)

1999 – “The search engine game is over”


2002 – “the social network fad is over”

(Myspace, Facebook)

2002 – “Information Technology is not a competitive advantage”


2002 – “Consumer electronics is a low margin and highly competitive industry”


2003 – “The browser war is over, Microsoft has won”


2005 – “Sales cycle is too long for software companies selling to government and educational sector”


2008 – “RIP, Good Times”


2011 – “There is no network effect in the enterprise software business; it’s not a category we invest in anymore”

(Success Factor, Workday)

2013 – “Media and content is a hit driven business – we simply don’t invest in it”





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