Earlier this month, Will joined David Waxman and Minnie Ingersoll from TenOneTen for their fourth episode of the LA Venture podcast series. You can listen to the full episode here

During this podcast, Will shares:

  • Why investing in non-primary startup markets enables us to think outside of the box.
  • As a product person, why he believes the go-to-market strategy is more important than the product, and why every great product and engineering person needs to leverage their expertise to solve for go-to-market.
  • How Mucker evaluates investment opportunities by the founders’ iteration velocity and decision-making ability driven by customer feedback (not ego). Is the entrepreneur listening to the market, or not?
  • Why our accelerator MuckerLab looks like a fund and our Mucker Capital fund looks like an accelerator.
  • Why MuckerLab will work with portfolio companies for as long as it takes to reach product-market fit.
  • How TAM (total addressable market) can become a false idol in the VC industry, and why he sees the addressable market as an easier problem to solve for than product-market fit.

Thanks to TenOneTen for the fun conversation!

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