Luke Welch

    Luke Welch is the owner of Luke Welch GTM Consulting. He is the former Global Head of Sales at Salesforce and is ex SAP.

    Luke has twenty years of experience selling B2B solutions to US and global organizations. Luke has operated as a freelance consultant to B2B startups since 2022 and advises on early-stage GTM processes.

    Luke mentors Founders and Sales leaders on ‘how and when’ to scale, helping to identify initial PMF, codify sales processes and build teams. His specific area of expertise is in vertical SaaS solutions in the CRM, Martec and ERP spaces.

    Luke co-builds teams of Sales, Solution Engineers, CSM’s and Marketers. He was a founder of the Salesforce Retail and Consumer Goods industry, growing the team from 5 employees to >500 and winning ‘VP of the Year’ twice. Luke was a ‘high potential’ Sales participant at SAP (<1% of workforce). Luke resides in the SF bay area and is dedicated to his young family, he also tries to make time to ride his mountain bike and play guitar, his two lifelong hobbies!