Josh MelickCo-Founder and CEO,

    Josh is an engineer-turned-PM-turned-sales jack of all trades. Josh was the Co-Founder and CEO of, a mobile CRM and messaging app for local small businesses. Josh grew Broadly from 0 to more than 10,000 paying SMBs, and raised over $30M in venture capital during the process. Prior to Broadly, Josh held product leadership roles at three other startups that were all acquired — Demandforce acquired by Intuit, Ingenio acquired by AT&T, and MxPlay acquired by Smith-Micro (where Josh was also a founder). Today Josh has several projects he’s exploring as well as helping a number of startups get their go-to-market and product strategies moving. Josh comes from the do-anything-even-if-it’s-wrong school of thought and has a hard time sitting still. Josh has an MS in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis.