Josh HannahGeneral Partner, Matrix Partners

    Josh Hannah is a general partner with Matrix Partners. His entrepreneurial career began in 1999 when he cofounded in London and later led a merger with his biggest competitor, The combined entity revolutionized the gaming industry by building the world’s first online marketplace for sports betting. Betfair (LSE:BET) manages more than $50 billion in transactions each year, is licensed in the UK and Australia, and operates legally in dozens of countries around the globe. Josh returned to the States in 2004. Soon after, he and a partner purchased eHow, an ailing, Web 1.0, how-to directory. Josh and his partner outsourced content creation to the community and employed then-new advertising and search engine optimization techniques. They increased revenue and traffic 30-fold before selling the company to Demand Media in 2006 for a 400-X return. As a partner at Matrix, Josh has invested in Huddle, Inflection and Taulia. Prior to joining Matrix, Josh invested in successful startups such as Aardvark (acquired by Google), Blingo (acquired by Publishers Clearing House), Designer Apparel (acquired by Sugar Media), Friendster (acquired by MOL Global), Minted, uShip and Wetpaint.